Full-package Backpack Manufacturer

We have 3 factories in Cambodia , Dongguan & Sichuan which is specialised in backpack development & manufacturing for over 20 years.


We have manuafctured thousands style of backpacks

We accept custom order (i.e., OEM/ODM, Private Label, etc.). Develop into a pattern and then a sample according to your tech pack, design draft or sample. Wholesale in bulk is also acceptable.

Enjoy the full-package backpacks manufacturing service

J.D. backpack factory is committed to provide, from backpack development, sourcing to manufacturing, full-package service to customer around the world.

Get inside to our backpack factories at Domestic and Overseas

Manufacturing is our core advantage, our three factories at domestic and overseas enable us provide flexible manufacturing services to customers with the most cost-effective ways.

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Meet our experienced & professional teams

With full time product development experts, production managers and quality engineers, our backpack factory is able to ensure your products meet spec and are delivered on time and on budget.

Let's bring your design to life

If you have your design already, please upload it and you can get a quote within 24 hours. Thank You.